Dear Northbound Fitness Club Members,

First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe and healthy while maintaining your sanity as we continue to wait for our lives to resemble some sort of normalcy. Since closing our doors on March 21st, out of necessity I’ve evaluated the business and worked to forecast what the future may hold for the fitness industry. As you can imagine, COVID-19 has and will continue to change our small community gym. This is forcing many businesses, including Northbound to make necessary changes in order to survive. As such, I’ve been faced with some very difficult decisions.

Effective immediately the basketball gym and group fitness gym will be closed. This includes group fitness classes held within those spaces. Additionally, Northbound will no longer provide a child care facility.

Northbound will continue to provide spin and yoga classes in the upstairs area. Classes will be offered with a new pricing structure: $10 per class, $100 unlimited per month, or through the purchase of punch cards offering 10 classes for $90.

When Northbound is permitted to open, all members whose membership fees include group fitness will be reduced to the basic gym membership rate of $35 monthly. Northbound will work individually with members who have paid in full, with several alternative options available.
If you have any questions please email me at

Stay Healthy,
Grady Symonds

Some members have asked where they can donate to the gym during these times.


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